lundi 17 novembre 2014

Hey it's okay...

... to text friends so you can use appropriate emojis
... if you're able to recite the kings from Game Of Thrones quicker than the line-up of politics
... to set the alarm clock even on the weekends so you can get back to sleep
... if a DIY manicure results in one professional hand and one that's a bit more finger-painting
... to enforce a strict "don't comment on my driving" policy when your boyfriend's in the car. He's welcome to walk
... if you love an unruly house party but would never dream of throwing one in your own flat
... to spend an entire conversation going "Mmmmh-mmmh" because you're convinced you've got food in your teet
... to secretly like the motivational quotes on Instagram even if they are #cringe
... if some items in your underwear drawer are older than Brooklyn Beckham
... to blow more cash on the birthday card and fancy wrapping paper than on the actual present
... to change into pyjamas the second you get in from work
... if, despite your very best intentions, you can't return something without buying something new. It's a vicious circle
... to put more effort into cleaning your face than your bathroom

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