jeudi 6 novembre 2014

Magic ears

Dear Stradi Girls and Boys,

New cat ears ALERT !!

YAY ! I can't get enough of cat ears - covered in lace or topped with diamonds - and I absolutely think that they give you an extra look. Every one should have cat ears and put them once a week. People with them always seem kind and lovely.

New complete outfit from LA HALLE with soft colors and textures. I chose a preppy look that would have been perfect to lay on the library' stairs, reading blogs on my iPad AHAH ! In real life I got caught by the rain... don't, ever, forget to dream :)

Here's La Halle brands on my outfit:

Jacket - N by NafNaf
Shirt - Modavista
Skirt - N by NafNaf
Shoes - Creeks
Bag - K by Kookai
Cat ears - La Halle

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