dimanche 21 décembre 2014

10 fashion advices I learned watching Lizzie McGuire

 When I was much younger, I religiously watched Lizzie McGuire's episodes on the TV. I thought the girl was leaving the dream with her two cool and edgy friends, Miranda and Gordo, just looking fabulous... I Thought school should be like this : recess time gossiping about boys :) I thought they were really stylish so I decided to keep a journal writing, drawing and commenting about Lizzie's looks... And I did some research because I re-watched all the episodes (which was hard for a young girl like me) and just wrote about what I was seeing. So today, I thought I would share with you the top 10 fashion advices I learned watching Lizzie McGuire :) <3

#1 : printed tshirt ARE a thing, tartan IS a thing, a quirky male best friend IS a thing.
 #2 : totally DIY-ing a tshirt like this. Ideas "Delicious", "Love", "Beautiful".
Also going to DIY a binder with cool stickers.
 #3 : dressing up a bit rock girl once in a while never hurt anyone, especially not your dignity.
To wear with sassy attitude.
 #4 : experimenting is fun, it's arty and people will notice you.
(but mainly they'll notice you're crazy, not that you're #fash)
 #5 : I remember writing in my journal : "Go to Claire's and find a big stone blue necklace".
I planned to co-ordinate it with a blue blouse, true Lizzie style.
#6 : bandanas ARE a thing. Wear them more. And bedazzle them.
 #7 : cool hairstyle, needs a drawing.
Find a waffle styling tool and just explore my skills.
 #8 : with this, I thought "Yes, I should totally do this and dress outside of my
comfort zone, like an adult, why not ? They're stylish and classy".
Just like Lizzie today.
 #9 : when Lizzie sported a boa scarf in an episode, I was like
"Okay, check, I actually have a boa scarf, let's do this !"
#10 : and of course, I also made notes on her hairstyles and accessorizing, like wanting to create
a big golden scrunchie so I can have the same look... Oh my god, yes Lizzie, you're right !
That can't be good ;)

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