dimanche 28 décembre 2014


Hi everyone ! Today we want to share some inspirations but also some videos we made recently.
The first one is from our little road trip to Dijon, France, a few days before Christmas (gifts shopping was a great excuse, but really, just feeling spendy). As we'll upload more daily life videos, you'll soon discover that two sisters together... well, we just like to speak. A LOT ! So sometimes, we have a 10 minutes sequence with just us talking, so that's the whole reason of the accelerated sequence (and we also like our chipmunk voices)... Then, the second video is just a silly daily vlog of one Staruday spent together doing, well... stuff. Hope you enjoy and subscribe to our channel here : Stradivariusisters (obviously !!!)

From Summy's scrapbooks :)
Another one ;)

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