dimanche 7 décembre 2014

London Diary

 Instead of doing one of our travel diary like we use to, we decided this time we will just talk about ten things we loved during our stay in London ! Hope you enjoy it :)

We did a quick vlog but kinda forgot about it during the stay, check it out below !

 1. Loved walking in Hyde Park, you always discover more stuff to do and to look at !
2. Obviously loooved shopping for sneakers when they have such motto ;)
 3. New fun place : the Brompton Food Market, they even have a winter garden in the back !
 4. Going to the Serpentine Gallery
 5. Love BIG gems !
 6. Neon lights
 7. The Magazine restaurant and bar near the Serpentine
 8. All the food choice on the Thames banks
 9. Being together
 10. The architecture
Bonus 11. Eating chinese at Royal China, of course !!!

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