jeudi 4 décembre 2014

Stradivariusisters in London

Hello Stradi Girls & Boys !
We've been to London in early November and it was a blast, as always... It gets better and better, it's always the same feeling of "can't wait to go back", it's such a different vibe from Switzerland. So, we finally got our tourist-y pictures standing against a red telephone cabin. You have to get one, right, after we've been so many times ? But these pretty cabins are always crowded, obviously there are one hundred other people wanting to take the same picture. But now, our time has come and we have ours :) We walked through Hyde Park and wanted to take a bus, and it was a miss, so we just walked and discovered so many beautiful buildings.

We're coming back really soon with our London diary and more pictures !! 
Stay tuned :)

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LaViiieEnRouge a dit…

Very love your fluffy coat ! :)