jeudi 1 janvier 2015

Ranking of the best O.C. episodes

Hi fellas ! Of course, you all know about The O.C. And obviously, we're all very sad about it having ended (it was ELEVEN years ago that the show premiered. OMG)... It was only 4 seasons long (which seems poor looking at shows today), but it's the perfect show to binge watch (just like Ben Makenzie aka Ryan, likes to do !). And cry, yes, we'll cry watching this show. And that's what's so good about it :) So today, we're all reunited here to share together our top-5 episodes from the show. 

#1 - S04E01 - The Avengers
Obviously, the very best episode can only be this one ! We see Ryan who came from the streets become even more badass and sexier, fighting in a boxing ring at night in order to forget Marissa's death. Yes, Marissa's seriously dead, we finally know it for a fact in this first episode of the (sadly) finale season. July is seriously brain-fucked depressed and we learn she's human after all. She says stuff like "Life is a slice of bread covered with shit and you gotta eat it and smile" which makes us totally cry our hearts out. Also, we discover there's trouble in paradise for Seth and Summer, which is reaaaaally bad because they're our favorite characters. This episode is so poignant and emotional, we LOVE all the characters and it's one of the few episodes where you're really wondering what's coming next, like on the edge of your seat. It feels good but we still (kind of) miss Marissa.

#2 - S01E14 - The Countdown
It's New Year's Eve and the love story between Ryan and Marissa really is getting on our nerves. Marissa's still the same old brat, Seth is bored fighting for Summer and just enjoy life with cool hipster girlfriend Anna. Oh and Sandy and Kristen go to a swingers sex-party ! Crazy new year's party, but mostly, a very touching episode with the iconic sequence played over Dice by Finley Quay... You just have to watch the video, it's too good :)

#3 - S01E07 - The Escape
The O.C. clique goes on a trip to Tijuana, Mexico and have a pretty shitty trip, having to stay in a dirty motel. Marissa just learned her parents are getting a divorce, and she's fucking sad as usual. Then she wants to meet Luke, her shitty boyfriend and finds him kissing Holly ("You're kissing Holly !!!"). Of course she runs out, steals Summer's step-mother's pills and does what she does best : get all the fucking attention (meaning : she overdoses in a dark alley). Anyway, it's still one of the best episodes because the Tijuana ambiance just makes you wanna grab the Tequila bottle and just do shots all night. Still, don't drink too much and please, don't overdose in a dark alley.

#4 - S03E25 - The Graduates
What you need to know about this episode is that Marissa dies. Yes, she dies. It's the end of season three and Marissa went from her lesbian phase to bad-boy and drugs depressive days, but she's still the Princess of the show, so you can't possibly kill the Princess, right ? Since the finale ends with Marissa looking pretty dead in Ryan's arms, we're still wondering and waiting on season 4 to know for sure. But yes, that's a fact, she's dead. It's horrible and it's unexpected but it's maybe the best thing that happened to this show (apart from Seth and Summer), otherwise we wouldn't have the poignant first episode of season 4. This episode is also really great because of Kevin Volchok.

#5 - S04E16 - The End's Not Near, It's Here

The finale episode of the whole show. A tear rolls down my cheeks but it means it's the end of the best show on earth. But still, it's pretty great, Seth and Summer finally got married, Julie's getting her degree, Sandy and Kirsten have another baby in their old house in Berkeley... well, everything finally feels right (except it's the end of the show !!!). Oh and Ryan is like a damn good architect and he finally looks really sexy. For once. (Sorry, but Ben Mackenzie was a bad choice, sorry). But he and Taylor was a very good move.

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