vendredi 19 février 2016

Hey it's ok...

... to veto any film that's over two-and-a-half hours. When did movies get so long ?
... if your "bold lip" is really red wine
... if there are certain friends who you only communicate with via Instagram likes
... to take a Tinder break and meet guys, the old-fashioned IRL way
... if the majority of your morning routine - make up, breakfast, waking up - happens at your desk
... to fantasy shop property websites. That 3 million $ New York loft will be yours. One day re-read nice but old texts from friend for an ego boost. Even if it happens a few times a day. Everyday.
... if the only person you really feel connected with is your 10 years old niece
... to tell people about your dreams. Your dreams are amazing.
... to be offended if your colleague doesn't follow you back on Instagram. Where's the love ?
... to believe there's no greater joy in life than waking up thinking it's a weekday, then realising it's Saturday. #lie-in
... if the calendar says January but your neon orange nailpolish says July
... to tell your hairdresser you looove it then burst into tears the minute you leave the salon

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