vendredi 13 février 2015

Soft heart

Hello Stradi Girls & Boys !
Even if some days, life isn’t that easy, we need to smile. Yes ! It is possible no matter what to see happiness around us. But most of all, WE make happiness and joy happen ! We are our major charactere in life. We got the power to make things change.
Dressing up is a way to feel good in your life. So as making art, doing sport, helping others or cooking. I absolutely think that it’s more than important to do something where you can feel complete and happy.
Colors are helping too. I love wearing dark colors because a lot of emotions can be felt with them. Grey is especially a deep color for me. It has something vibrant. For this outfit, I needed it to be mostly dark with some touch of color and whiteness. I paired my grey base clothes with a pink coat and white shoes. Feel free to mix various touch of grey so the difference between pieces can be spotted. I absolutely love the coat even if it is a little bit too big but #whatevs it suits well. It is a large coat where you totally will feel safe and warm. The metallic jacket helps too with that comfyness.
Life is too short to wear unpleasant clothes ! Don’t limit your wardrobe to fit the trend ! Dress yourself with clothes that suit your body and look for the right pieces. No need to stress yourself to fit in a small skirt because it’s the number-one-high-fashion-must-have ! Wear something that makes you trembling (in the good way, right !).
Coat – LA REDOUTE / Jacket – MS MODE / Top – PRIMARK / Leggings – MS MODE / Shoes – ZARA / Bag – LESARA / Jewels – H&M and PRIMARK

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Nyla a dit…

lovely pix, i like your style a lot