jeudi 2 avril 2015

Drinking on Watermelon

Hello Stradi Girls & Boys !

Hope everyone is doing well :) We flew through Thailand for 2 weeks and - as mentioned in a preview post - had a huge problem with our laptop's charger.

So here we are ! Back and fully surrounded by technology AHAH ! We had the chance to shoot a few outfits in some amazing views and spots.

I'm not into full color block outfit usually but holidays gave me something special that I wanted to transcribe with through my clothes.

Pastel colors are a must this season and I tried to mix them at their best. The kimono kinda precious stone print is in my closet since 3 years - maybe more - and it is actually a intimate piece from H&M ! Don't forget to take a look at the underwear section because you will be surprised by how some pieces could match an everyday outfit. You don't have to tell nobody ;) That cute little turquoise dress comes from La Halle. It has such a retro look and there are plenty of color choice ! I paired those blueish colors with a salmon nude little leather bag from K by Kookai available at La Halle. Those absolute gems, hum talking about the sandals of course, are also from La Halle. They will suit any feet for sure ! And last but not least, heart shaped sunglasses, from Bizou, may look too childish but I don't give a damn, I love them so much <3

Summy and I have been sipping watermelon all day every day. It was so much delightful and tasty ! And we will drink it again as soon as watermelon season is ready in Switzerland YAY ! We also had a super tattoo in Thai that you pronounce NAM-THAÏ and means a true willingness to help others before they even ask and without waiting anything in return.

Has anyone ever been in Thailand ? Would you tell us your story ? We will be so thrilled to hear about it !

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