dimanche 19 avril 2015

Thailand - Khao Lak Diary

Hello everyone ! We hope you're ready for our Thailand diary because today is the day !

We travelled from Geneva to Phuket (with two stops in between) with Etihad (a total disappointment) and then off to Khao Lak, in the disctrict of Phang Nga on the Andaman Sea coast. We stayed at The Sands hotel which was true to every picture you can find on the Internet. We went big and took a suite with private pool ! We sam, we ate, we laughed, just like exepected. The sea was everything we love : warm, wild and free. We discovered the Similan Islands and met some awesome elephants. We met amazing people also. They smile and they laugh, and they are happy and they whatever they feel like doing. We felt like they are Real. It feels great when people are happy and it was a great constrast with our daily working-life back here. 

Khao Lak is a busy town during the day, but from midnight, everything's closed. Still they are lots of bars and discos near the area with free shuffle organized to stop at every hotels. We didn't go out because our days were pretty full with lots of beach, visiting and just time for ourselves, because hell, it's the holidays ! Our favorite places in town were the Rice Barn (serving all types of pad thai), Nom's Family Restaurant, our ultimate fav', the Nom's family are the best and they make the best iced teas in town ! We also really love Jai because of the great prices and amazing quality of the food. For a quick bite and amazing lattes/italian sodas, we went to Café Kantary, the cutest place of the block. Here's their instagram if you want some high-quality food-porn.

We went to Make Up Play quite a lot, got amazing deal on the Similan trip at Asia Tour just next door (looks like nothing, just a desk and a cute girl selling tours) so we got half price and it was a blast. We fell in love with the people at Rong Bamboo Tattoos, they were just amazing... Getting bamboo tattoos was absolutely not planned but we saw this place (just next to Café Kantary) and totally worked upon the idea, so we did it, because, you know, we have one life, and it's going on pretty fast, so we just might as well ink our memory and enjoy them every day, just watching them. 
We'll never forget this trip and totally advice to go, and have this dream journey of yours, getting to your dream place, discovering the hidden gems. Thailand, we'll see you again soon !

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