jeudi 28 mai 2015

Breaking news: Ikea et ses mystérieux panneaux de signalisation !

Stradi Girls & Boys,

Il est presque midi, notre estomac se réveille.
Du côté de Genève, on nous dit que ça bouge pas mal aujourd'hui. Mais que se passe-t-il ? Des surprenants panneaux de signalisation ont été vus sur l'Avenue de Lausanne, le Quai Wilson et la Place des Nations. La ville de Genève semble s'être mise en mode "hot dog", "boulettes de viande" et "saumon scandinave" !
Tout le monde l'aura compris, IKEA fait parler de lui ! Grâce à ces panneaux positionnés aux carrefours stratégiques de la ville, il est désormais possible de s'orienter facilement (à pied ou en voiture) afin de trouver l'accès le plus direct vers un de leur plat suédois... Une aventure incroyable à venir, ceci n'est qu'une mise en bouche !
On vous tiendra bien entendu au courant, et pour vous faire patienter, on vous propose un petit concours avec des bons pour hot dog à gagner !
Pour participer, laissez nous simplement un commentaire ci-dessous :)


mercredi 27 mai 2015

Huge haul Primark + Hema ♥

Hi everyone ! Here I am with two videos featuring a huge Primark and Hema haul !
I found some really great stuff for this summer a while ago when I went on a big shopping spree ;-)

If you like our videos, feel free to subscribe to our Youtube channel, we are posting a lot more
than before, trying to provide cool content for videos ;) And if you also do hauls and girly stuff
like this, comment and we'll definitely have a look at your new stuff (we're obsessed).

Until next time ! ...very soon :)

mardi 19 mai 2015

Olive is the new green

Hello Stradi Girls and Boys !

Switzerland’s weather is kind of strange. On Monday, you’re sweating and walking by the sun. On Thuesday, « sweaters on » everyone ! I find it really difficult to know how to dress without having two closets – winter/summer – being warm in the morning and fresh in the afternoon.

For this look, I went half summer (with the espadrilles), half winter (with the jumper). I like pairing neutral shades with a splash of color and playing with textures. This white sweat, from H&M, has a snake texture and is really smooth. Really perfect for a spring look with its half sleeves that keep you warm, but not too much. A grey pants, from Uniqlo, is always a good idea and match almost every colors. Black and white espadrilles are from Newlook, I love them so much because they are so comfortable and easy to wear. Remember those red sunglasses that I wore in London ? They are BACK ! I can’t stop loving them !! They have a perfect shape for my face – even though they are a bit big for small faces but #whatevs – you can shop them on LesMirettes. Of course, I had to take a picture with my lovely necklace from Mum & I. Can't take it off a second from my neck, I'm so in LOVE ! With a neutral look, it’s important to wear something that catch everyone’s eyes, so I chose to carry on my big olive bag that looks alike a shopping bag. I have to admit that it’s pretty useful when I go to groceries and forgot to take a bag with me.

I really love all kind of green those past few weeks. Kaki, olive, ducky green, etc… they are – for me – the color to wear this summer !

samedi 16 mai 2015

We Love...

 We loved filming tag videos while in Thailand ! Hope you enjoy :)
Green tea and white chocolate tiramisu

Japanese wrapping cloth

Cute little nest 

Plates by Suite One Studio

Cool wood jewelry display

vendredi 15 mai 2015

Animal Farm

Channeling my Animal Farm vibe, I'm wearing a super duper fancy T-shirt from the Uniqlo x Lisa Larson coolab' where lots of my favorite animals are chilling like villain. It's so so cool, I love shopping at Uniqlo for unique and bold Tshirts... #collector

I'm pairing it with another awesome item, my black see-through kimono from Monki. I looove this piece because it can be worn with pretty much anything ! I'm wearing grey jeggings from MS Mode, sunglasses from H&M, baby blue tweed platform sneakers from Northstar (bought them at Bata, 10 euros from the Fall-Winter sale !). The cute bag (cute but not practical at all) and all jewelry (totally in love with my feather double-ring !) are from Primark.

mardi 12 mai 2015

Beauty - Night Make Up Tutorial

We are back with a new beauty video where Autumn shows you how to create a cool
mysterious make up look which will be perfect for a night out !

Check out the video for all the references about the products. They are all total favorites,
some oldies like the Kiko powder foundation and some new like the Couleur Caramel lipstick,
we just totally love the color, absolutely great to wear when you want a color on
your lips that isn't in-your-face bold.

Let us know what you think about this look :)