vendredi 15 mai 2015

Animal Farm

Channeling my Animal Farm vibe, I'm wearing a super duper fancy T-shirt from the Uniqlo x Lisa Larson coolab' where lots of my favorite animals are chilling like villain. It's so so cool, I love shopping at Uniqlo for unique and bold Tshirts... #collector

I'm pairing it with another awesome item, my black see-through kimono from Monki. I looove this piece because it can be worn with pretty much anything ! I'm wearing grey jeggings from MS Mode, sunglasses from H&M, baby blue tweed platform sneakers from Northstar (bought them at Bata, 10 euros from the Fall-Winter sale !). The cute bag (cute but not practical at all) and all jewelry (totally in love with my feather double-ring !) are from Primark.

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