mardi 30 juin 2015

Brave soul

Hey hey !

How would life be without the ones that make you smile, forget about the rain or that allow you to be yourself ?

Feeling greatful those days to be surrounded by inspiring people and most of all beloved by them. Life isn't about a quiet journey. I think it is quite a necessity to have been through bad times to finally know what is good for my heart and soul. 

Maybe you'll feel a little bit tired sometimes, like running up staires is always exhausting at first. And then, after a little time, you will be stronger to brave it. Don't forget: you can do anything from the moment you want it !

Fighting for projects and people that worth it, is - I guess - my favorite activity in life. Also, giving/sharing love & smile is something that doesn't cost a thing but it can fill in a lot of hearts out there.

What's your favorite thing in life ?


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