lundi 29 juin 2015


Hey hey !

Hope everyone had a great week-end :)
On a Monday, we all have to wear the perfect manicure right ? Today I made myself a little special treatment with the O.P.I. nailpolishes that Coolbrandz sent me a few days ago.

O.P.I. Infinite Shine is the best coat to wear. First, O.P.I. has the best colors so far, and second, it lasts really long without any chips (up to 10 days !). O.P.I. upgraded their varnishes with a special formula that gives you a gel look without all the bad effects:

1. Apply the Infinite Shine #1 which is a primer
2. Apply the Infinite Shine #2 which is a color lacquer
3. Apply the Infinite Shine #3 which is a top coat gloss

I really love that candy pink that is perfect for summertime. Since I made my nails with the Infinite Shine, everyone’s been asking me how I bring off my (mini) claws so shiny. Now you know :)

You really have to take a look at O.P.I. booth (available in Manor, Benu Pharmacie, etc…) and try these beauties ! You don’t have to be a professional to have cute nails :)

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