lundi 15 juin 2015

Peace out.

Don't you feel like sometimes you just want to get disconnected from everything ?
Don't you feel like sometimes it's just too much ? I know I do. Lots of times.

But I just keep scrolling and scrolling, liking and commenting on stuff I might never have talked about... I know that's the beauty of our generation, our ability to be independent, knowing where to look and what to ask, decoding code like it's just another language. I think it's DVF who said something like "yes, sometimes it's frightening to see how everyone speaks out their opinion on the Internet, but the thing is, everyone has a voice, and that's better than no voice at all." Obviously I'm like yes, all hail the queen. Don't get me wrong, I love almost everything about the web, I love how I can have my own voice even though I don't know who hear me but I someone is. I really love and appreciate to be one in a million in a community that just keeps growing.

What I don't like is this big FOMO thing. A feeling I never experienced before, when Internet wasn't a part of my everyday life. Yup, the fear of missing out is growing too. And it's not like "gosh, need to see my friends' pics from a party I wasn't attending", no, it's more like "omg I need to hurry up and get all the information I can because in a minute it will disappear underneath the next information flow coming." It's really stressful, all this great content posted every second on the web. But it's all like just too much sometimes. Too many information, so little time. Being on the Internet is when I feel time slipping through my fingers. 

I agree, it all feels like some kind of bittersweet symphony, this life. This new life, the life of computers and screens. So many screens. Even if it's sometimes too much, I come across many amazing content each day which make me feel like learning something new everyday. It's just a great feeling to be able to do that ; select and look for the specific kind of content I want and need. And it's so incredible to think we're only just adjusting on this new kind of life. There is progress and mind-blowing inventions to come our way. It's only the beginning.

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