mardi 9 juin 2015

Stripes & Heels

I'm so happy about my new stripe dress from Primark, it has the perfect light fabric for spring/summer days and I love the shape of it !!!

I'm wearing it with a H&M biker jacket and sunglasses. I also went all out with my new accessories from La Halle : this amazing turquoise bag from K by Kookai, it really has a unique shape and it's so functional (and has lots of room, gotta love it!)...

About the shoes, they are from LH by La Halle and they are sooo comfortable !! They were under 50 CHF which is totally a bargain for staple shoes like these ! Also, they go with pretty much any style, I can't wait to style them more and for Autumn to post her outfit where she also wears them (she was even crazier and took them in 2 colors !) :)

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