lundi 27 juillet 2015

Hey it's ok...

... if your first - and last - picnic of the year ended with a Frisbee to the face
... to swear you're sticking to water on that long-haul flight - then immediately order a G&T when the drinks trolley comes
... if your last look was totally inspired by Harper Beckham's, 3 years old
... to refuse to save things "for best". Life's too short
... if hearing your own voice is seriously off-putting. Do you really sound like that ? Argh
... if you can eat a "sharing" bag of Doritos on your own, no problem
... if you definitely, 100% need six bikinis for that three-day break
... to only fake tan up to the hem of your dress
... if you've got two dance moves - and you're sticking with them
... to swipe all the free sachets of coffee from your hotel room, even though you know you have better coffee at home

vendredi 24 juillet 2015

Video - Stradivarius XP #1

Hello everyone !

Today we're sharing a new video from our Youtube channel and we wanted to create a small series of videos called Stradivarius XP (for experience). Yup, we won't talk beauty products and fashion hauls, but mainly life stuff because we believe that's truly what it's all about : sharing experiences, adventures and points of view. Obviously, we can't wait for you to be a part of this and tell us everything about you !

This time, we talked about our favorite feelings and here's the list :

  • Taking off your bra/denim jean after a long day of work ! #freedom
  • When you touch someone you really really like and your heart goes crazy
  • During summertime, running under the hot rain <3
  • When you realize you're there for your friends, that you are a caring person
  • When you wake up and see he wrote you a morning text
  • Surpassing your fears, one small progress at a time
  • Finding a music that transports you, makes you feel in a music video ;)
We hope you feel like sharing your favorite feelings too !

samedi 18 juillet 2015

Beauty Talk #3

We are obsessed with summery lip colors : it's hot and sunny, so why not be bold with a statement lip ?
The top one with the red packaging is #110 from the Kate Moss for Rimmel collection, the one with the lips is #3
from Manhattan and the last one is the famous #62 from Barry M, which is just the perfect Barbie pink shade
for summer days. These three lipsticks have a very nice formula because they are all very smooth
and really moisturizing which is always needed during warm days.
 Here are some face masks we got from Thailand and they're by the Korean brand Innisfree, from their
it's a real squeeze mask. It's always great to apply a face mask during some me-time and those are really great
because the scents are really light and not too overwhelming like other masks.
Again, during summertime, it's good to give your face some extra moisturizing for a good skin's hydratation.
We absolutely love these two palettes we got at Superdrug. They were both real bargains (we're talking
like less than 10£ kind-of-deal). The first one from MUA (Make Up Academy, Undressed eye palette) is really
amazing because it contains twelve eyeshadow shades, with ten nude/earth tones and two blues. A few of them are
matte shades and the others are shimmery. The second palette from LookBeauty is a bit more of a practical palette
that you can take everywhere with you for a quick make-up retouch. Yup, it contains eight shades that are perfect for a
night look, one blush and four liglosses. You would think that the lipglosses are a bit childish, but they really are
amazing quality formulas ! So worth the buy !!!
If you're a Spice Girls fan, you'll remember their body spray (click here for memories !), well, the Impulse
brand is still going strong, especially in the UK, where we got several fragrances at Boots.
We love the Very Pink (roses and grapefruit) and it's the perfect thing to use during summer.

Another great product, if you can handle a strong lavender scent is to use a pure essential oil because it has
many, many benefits. Indeed, you can use it to stop headaches, you can put it on your spots, has lots of
antioxidants and it can help reduce anxiety and stress. (This one comes from the Lavender Farm on Jersey Island).

Another really really good multi-purpose product is the Eight Hour Cream (which is more of a balm) by
Elizabeth Arden and we're talking real skills here : cuticules balm, heals sunburns, extra moisturizing, good for
dry hands and lips. It's also used by professional make-up artists : they apply it instead of highlighter
for a perfect dewy look.

vendredi 17 juillet 2015

Parks & Recreation

Let me tell you the story of me falling in love with this K by Kookai dress : first, I loooove its bohemian look, its light fabric and the fact that it's white (and you know it's pretty hard to pull off wearing a white lacey dress), yet not see-through. It's a tiny bit short which means perfect for hot summer days ! I'm wearing my three gem necklaces from Primark (it's a new fav'!) and my old A by André boots (they are so comfy, can't put them away for summer, they always come in handy !).

I also totally fell in love with this turquoise K by Kookai bag : love the bold color and funky square shape, I've never own something like this ! Also, my sunglasses are M by Mosquito and they are the best !!! Love their shape and midnight blue color. They are huge but are so light, everything I'm looking for in sunglasses :)

All these amazing collections (K by Kookai, M by Mosquito, A by André and more are available at La Halle)

jeudi 16 juillet 2015

DIY - Marble table

Hey hey !

Here’s a new DIY for the holidays – in case you wouldn’t have any idea of what to do of your free time.

I bought these two tables for my living room a year ago and loved their shape. Recently, I was tired of them because of their simplicity and wanted to add a little something. As you may know, marble had me at « hello » and I’m pretty obsessed with everything having a marble print LOL ! I scrolled a LOT on Pinterest to have inspiration, and found some very cool things to do by yourself.

So, it’s pretty easy to custom and give a second life to your furniture. For this DIY, you will need a table – for sure –  scissors and marble (or another print) adhesive sheet. First, cut your sheet following the table’s area. Let around 2cm on the sides. Apply the adhesive sheet on the table with a credit card or something that can remove air bubbles. Then, cut the corners in two parts and on the sides. Bend the sides under the table, making sure they are tight.

And here it is ! You can also cover it with a hologram sheet or with a wood effect :)


Voilà un nouveau DIY pour les vacances - dans le cas où vous ne sauriez pas quoi faire de votre temps libre.

J'ai acheté ces tables pour mon salon il y a une année et j'aime beaucoup leur design. Récemment, j'étais fatiguée de voir si simple et j'ai voulu leur ajouter un petit quelque chose. Comme vous le savez certainement, le marbre m'a totalement conquise et je suis obsédée avec tout ce qui pourrait comporter cet imprimé LOL ! J'ai BEAUCOUP scrollé sur Pinterest pour puiser quelques inspirations, et j'ai trouvé beaucoup de choses super chouettes à faire soi-même.

C'est assez simple de customiser et de donner une seconde vie à vos meubles. Pour ce DIY, vous aurez besoin d'une table - bien sûr - de ciseaux et de feuille adhésive imprimé marbre (ou un autre imprimé). Premièrement, coupez la feuille selon la surface de la table. Laissez environ 2 cm en plus sur les côtés. Appliquez l'adhésif sur la table à l'aide d'une carte de crédit ou autre afin de pousser les bulles d'air. Puis, coupez les coins en deux parties et sur les côtés. Rabattez les côtés sous la table, en vous assurant qu'ils soient bien serrés.

Et voilà! Vous pouvez aussi couvrir vos meubles avec une feuille hologram ou avec un effet bois :)

lundi 13 juillet 2015


Hi everyone ! Today we're talking about magazines, yup. 
You know I'm a big fan of magazines, I can't help buying them, keeping them for years, then using them for my scrapbooking projects. It's been a few years that I've discovered Company Mag which totally represents what I'm looking for when I want to read a smart yet light fashion paper. It's filled with humour, feminism and cool people. I love their covers and paper texture, yup, love everything about it.
I recently bought Flow, a new French magazine (but they already do it in Netherland and the UK I think) and it's just awesome. I love that it doesn't talk about fashion. I love that we don't see bodies, bodies, bodies. We don't need to, we know how bodies are. I love all the illustrations and the clever photographs. I love that it speaks to your soul. I was waiting for you, Flow. I want you in all languages and I want you for the rest of my life. Also, thanks a lot for the gifts, I was like OMG seeing the cool stickers and agenda, and then when I read the agenda, I was like so fucking positive. Thank you so much for finally existing. I want to know you more and your friends.

You see guys, I'm already talking to Flow as if it was my friend (it's actually my friend because a feel-good magazine this quality can't be nothin' but yo friend).
I also bought another new French magazine called As You Like and looooved it so much ! If you're a girl, loving the fashion-Internet scene, As You Like is for you ! You know how you like bloggers and you feel close to them and feel like you could be friends. Well, this magazine is here to prove you're right. Love the fact that it's written by our generation, it feels like a conversation with your bestie "hey did you see that blog ? the girl's so cute" and it feels good. As you can see on the pictures, they also included some coloring pages that I couldn't help but fill (at first I was like do I really do this to this new baby love ?). Obviously As You Like is more fashion oriented than Flow but still has some really good and researched articles that talks about all topics.

Do you have some favourite magazines ? Do you know some really cool and edgy (you'll tell me hey Flow is not edgy and I'll tell you yes it is, because in a world where only a sexy cover and bodies bodies bodies sell, I think it's pretty edgy to go and publish covers filled with birds and polka dots). I can't wait to discover more !!!