samedi 18 juillet 2015

Beauty Talk #3

We are obsessed with summery lip colors : it's hot and sunny, so why not be bold with a statement lip ?
The top one with the red packaging is #110 from the Kate Moss for Rimmel collection, the one with the lips is #3
from Manhattan and the last one is the famous #62 from Barry M, which is just the perfect Barbie pink shade
for summer days. These three lipsticks have a very nice formula because they are all very smooth
and really moisturizing which is always needed during warm days.
 Here are some face masks we got from Thailand and they're by the Korean brand Innisfree, from their
it's a real squeeze mask. It's always great to apply a face mask during some me-time and those are really great
because the scents are really light and not too overwhelming like other masks.
Again, during summertime, it's good to give your face some extra moisturizing for a good skin's hydratation.
We absolutely love these two palettes we got at Superdrug. They were both real bargains (we're talking
like less than 10£ kind-of-deal). The first one from MUA (Make Up Academy, Undressed eye palette) is really
amazing because it contains twelve eyeshadow shades, with ten nude/earth tones and two blues. A few of them are
matte shades and the others are shimmery. The second palette from LookBeauty is a bit more of a practical palette
that you can take everywhere with you for a quick make-up retouch. Yup, it contains eight shades that are perfect for a
night look, one blush and four liglosses. You would think that the lipglosses are a bit childish, but they really are
amazing quality formulas ! So worth the buy !!!
If you're a Spice Girls fan, you'll remember their body spray (click here for memories !), well, the Impulse
brand is still going strong, especially in the UK, where we got several fragrances at Boots.
We love the Very Pink (roses and grapefruit) and it's the perfect thing to use during summer.

Another great product, if you can handle a strong lavender scent is to use a pure essential oil because it has
many, many benefits. Indeed, you can use it to stop headaches, you can put it on your spots, has lots of
antioxidants and it can help reduce anxiety and stress. (This one comes from the Lavender Farm on Jersey Island).

Another really really good multi-purpose product is the Eight Hour Cream (which is more of a balm) by
Elizabeth Arden and we're talking real skills here : cuticules balm, heals sunburns, extra moisturizing, good for
dry hands and lips. It's also used by professional make-up artists : they apply it instead of highlighter
for a perfect dewy look.

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