dimanche 12 juillet 2015

DIY - Pineapple Canvas Shoes

DIY Pineapple Canvas Shoes
Hello Stradi girls and boys !!!

It's been so long since our last DIY post and we thought it was time to share a new project with you. Once again, it's a totally affordable and really easy project to do, and you can get inspired by anything (watermelon, graphic shapes and the list goes on...), so here are the directions (but seriously, the pictures speak for themselves) :

You'll need :

- A pair of affordable canvas shoes (lighter colors are easier to work with)
- Textile color pens that air-dry (ours are from Javana Texi-Max)
- A pencil
- Your design template

 1. Start by drawing your design (try a few times so you can get to know the gesture and be able to reproduce it).
Also try out your pens, just to make sure to colors will be just as you imagined.
 2. With the pencil, draw your design all over the shoes (and it's not a problem if your
pineapples aren't always exactly the same size...).
 3. When you're happy, start by drawing out the lines of your pineapples.
Don't worry, if you use textile-paint pens, the paint will be thick enough and won't smudge ;)
4. Color your pineapples ! So fun !
Don't forget to let it dry a few days (check out the instructions of your pens)
and to waterproof the shoes with a spray.

Voilà !

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