lundi 13 juillet 2015


Hi everyone ! Today we're talking about magazines, yup. 
You know I'm a big fan of magazines, I can't help buying them, keeping them for years, then using them for my scrapbooking projects. It's been a few years that I've discovered Company Mag which totally represents what I'm looking for when I want to read a smart yet light fashion paper. It's filled with humour, feminism and cool people. I love their covers and paper texture, yup, love everything about it.
I recently bought Flow, a new French magazine (but they already do it in Netherland and the UK I think) and it's just awesome. I love that it doesn't talk about fashion. I love that we don't see bodies, bodies, bodies. We don't need to, we know how bodies are. I love all the illustrations and the clever photographs. I love that it speaks to your soul. I was waiting for you, Flow. I want you in all languages and I want you for the rest of my life. Also, thanks a lot for the gifts, I was like OMG seeing the cool stickers and agenda, and then when I read the agenda, I was like so fucking positive. Thank you so much for finally existing. I want to know you more and your friends.

You see guys, I'm already talking to Flow as if it was my friend (it's actually my friend because a feel-good magazine this quality can't be nothin' but yo friend).
I also bought another new French magazine called As You Like and looooved it so much ! If you're a girl, loving the fashion-Internet scene, As You Like is for you ! You know how you like bloggers and you feel close to them and feel like you could be friends. Well, this magazine is here to prove you're right. Love the fact that it's written by our generation, it feels like a conversation with your bestie "hey did you see that blog ? the girl's so cute" and it feels good. As you can see on the pictures, they also included some coloring pages that I couldn't help but fill (at first I was like do I really do this to this new baby love ?). Obviously As You Like is more fashion oriented than Flow but still has some really good and researched articles that talks about all topics.

Do you have some favourite magazines ? Do you know some really cool and edgy (you'll tell me hey Flow is not edgy and I'll tell you yes it is, because in a world where only a sexy cover and bodies bodies bodies sell, I think it's pretty edgy to go and publish covers filled with birds and polka dots). I can't wait to discover more !!!

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