lundi 27 juillet 2015

Hey it's ok...

... if your first - and last - picnic of the year ended with a Frisbee to the face
... to swear you're sticking to water on that long-haul flight - then immediately order a G&T when the drinks trolley comes
... if your last look was totally inspired by Harper Beckham's, 3 years old
... to refuse to save things "for best". Life's too short
... if hearing your own voice is seriously off-putting. Do you really sound like that ? Argh
... if you can eat a "sharing" bag of Doritos on your own, no problem
... if you definitely, 100% need six bikinis for that three-day break
... to only fake tan up to the hem of your dress
... if you've got two dance moves - and you're sticking with them
... to swipe all the free sachets of coffee from your hotel room, even though you know you have better coffee at home