lundi 31 août 2015

CookingClass: Courgettes Rondini au poulet-basilic

Courgettes Rondini – poulet basilic gratinées

Ingrédients : (pour 2 personnes)

4 courgettes Rondini
1 courgette jaune
1 courgette normale
250g de poulet
8 petites patates
1 oignon rouge
Graines de sésame
Citron vert

Marche à suivre :

Emincez le poulet en petit dés. Assaisonez-le  avec les épices de votre choix. Videz les courgettes Rondini de leur chair – à l’aide d’une cuillère – que vous incorporerez ensuite au poulet. Coupez quelques feuilles de basilic en lamelle, puis ajoutez au mélange de poulet. Fourrez à présent les courgettes Rondini avec la farce poulet/courgette. Saupoudrez le haut de parmesan. Enfournez à 200 degré, hauteur du milieu, pendant environ 30 minutes. Les 5 dernières minutes, augmentez la chaleur sur le mode « grill ».
Coupez les patates en petits morceaux que vous cuirez à la poêle. Laissez mijoter quelques minutes, puis ajouter une moitié de courgette jaune et l’entier de la courgette verte aux patates ainsi qu'un filet de miel. Une fois votre mélange doré, servez le tout. Ajoutez des graines de sésame et des lamelles d’oignon rouge (vous pouvez aussi en rajouter lors de la cuisson). Puis un filet de jus de citron vert au-dessus du plat.

Bon appétit !

Video - August Favorites

Hi everyone ! Once again, we are sharing our favorites from the past month :

- Catrice products (3-in-1 foundation, multicolor blush and lip balm)
- Kiko Beach Babe bronzer
- Superdrug 2-in-1 serum + moisturizer
- Iam nourishing dry oil
- Primark black bag with golden accents
- Primark beach kimono
- Peak, a cerebral-games app
- PartyParty, a cool app that helps you create gifs with cool filters
- Unreal, this awesome show about reality tv !
- Younger, a super funny comedy show, we're obsessed
- 642 things to write about, a book for writers in search of inspiration
- CK One Summer Edition perfume
What are your August favorites ? We want to know ! :)

mercredi 26 août 2015

Beauty Talk #4

 We are still really enjoying the face masks from Koreean brands Etude House, Cathy Doll and
Skin Food (the black sesame hot mask is a total must-try ! An experience !)
In the blush department, we've been loving creamy ones because they are really easy to apply and give a very natural look. We especially like those two : the chubby stick for cheeks from Clinique in the shade Roly Poly Rosy;  and obviously the blush stick from Essence in Pretty In Pink, it's a real staple !
A little glow is always welcomed, with the help of the Cookies & Cream shimmering pearls from Essence
(they smell sooo good !) and the Pink Friday scent by Nicki Minaj (look at this bottle !)
Doutzen's perfect nude lipstick from L'Oréal Collection Privée is one of our favorite pinky nudes, even though we're
not blond, it seems to suit our skin tones ! Also, another very light pink lipstick, this time from Primark, is a real deal because
it's really cheap but with an amazing pigmentation and dope staying power.

lundi 24 août 2015


As September is coming quickly, it's back to school week and the only real question was always : what to wear ?! Why not make a statement and expose your OOTD on your tee ? This one comes from Primark and I really love it. I'm also wearing a kaki and grey zip jacket from Lesara, H&M leggings, Primark black backpack and pink sandals. What about you ? What are you wearing this year on "back to school" day ?

samedi 22 août 2015

Inspiration #17

OMG it's been since November that we haven't done a good old inspiration post. Today I'm feeling chatty, so let me introduce you to

As you might know from this post, I have a thing for orthopedic looking shoes... I have myself worn a few kind of ugly shoes, from the real medical orthopedic boot to Crocs sandals... One thing I have learned is that I just can't escape my destiny. My fav' ugly shoes I own are these pretty dope rosegold ones... And here are some ugly shoes and basic ones that I like :)
(clockwise, starting top left : Prada ; Isabel Marant ; Miss Selfridge ; Steve Madden ; Charlotte Russe)

During 2014, Aerie, American Eagle's underwear line decided to stop retouching their models and they got increasing sales. We love it ! Women are beautiful, no matter what size. Here's a detailed article about it :)

Also, Women's Running just put a curvy girl on their August cover and Twitter went craycray, because that's what we've all been waiting for. It shows a beautiful woman and that runners come in all shapes. Read more about it on Buzzfeed.

Still obsessed with dope pastel hair colors !

 Just fell in love with this Omakase by Cover Swim sushi one-piece !!!

vendredi 21 août 2015

BACK 2 SCHOOL : what to wear to feel great.

Hey guys !

The « back to school » time is coming soon and everyone likes to be on top for the homecoming. 

As far as I can remember – because I finished school a few years ago – I always wanted to wear nice and NEW clothes to try to impress my new school mates. But I also wanted to feel very comfortable during the day. Being fashionable but not to much, not to be stereotyped by the other ones. So, I always opted for a neutral outfit. When you decide to wear shoes as mine (Nike Air Force) that has a « urban/hip-hop » identity, don’t push too hard your look on that way. It’s okay to wear sneakers as a woman but accessorize with great earrings and wear something more feminine.  I love mixing materials, colors and texture.

-          Don’t go too hard on the bling
-         Wear something that defines your personnality (people love to say « have you seen the girl with that amazing scarf in her hair ?? I need the same !)
-        Do the hairstyle that you love and feel comfortable the most. Don’t try something new on that big day
-        Don’t cosplay (lol)
-       Be openminded. It’s not necessary to hang out with people that have the same shoes as you. Diversity is great
-       Don’t be too fashion trendy but follow your fashion inner soul

Perfecto – H&M / Shirt – Asos Curve  / Pants – Uniqlo / Shoes -  Nike

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jeudi 20 août 2015


If you hang out with us for more than a month, you'll soon realize how IKEA addicted we are. In fact, we have to confess we pretty much pay them a visit at least ten times a year (often more, we are not ashamed !) because not only we looove their products, but we're also really inspired by the brand and successful business. Summy even worked on the sales floor as a summer job (and couldn't decide the best aspect of it : living in IKEA's world for eight hours a day or the iconic uniform). If you know us, you'll guess how we reacted when we were invited to this event : with lots of never ending squeals !

Along with other swiss bloggers, we were welcomed into a huge studio (#studiogoals) in Zürich where the IKEA world just seemed to have popped up. We learned a lot about their design process, their new collections, but mainly about the Life@home survey they researched. And yes, the results were that people just really enjoy the art of cooking, hosting, organizing and eating ! With the help of the numbers, IKEA is focusing on how they can help us creating a space we feel inspired by, that will be practical and welcoming for our family and friends. We also really like their initiative to offer better and healthier food choices : they are now offering delicious #veggieballs, and lots of vegan or gluten-free meals. Cool fact : they reduced by 50% less calories in of their drinks (and offer now some really tasting nordic waters) but they are also bringing the frozen yogurt in Switzerland ! <3

Then, we had the chance to meet and prepare the huge Swedish buffet meal with Italian chef Enrica Rocca. We used their delicious swedish salmon and fresh ingredients. The colors were amazing and we always love a rainbow plate ! Sorry for the bad audio quality in our video, we still hope our vlog will help you capture the vibe from the event :) We'll talk more in details about the new collections in an upcoming post, but you can spot some pieces on the pictures !

Thanks to IKEA, My Playground and all the staff for making this event possible ! You're the best :)
The amazing studio in Zürich
With @10tubes on the tram
Cork looks so sleek ! We are obsessed :)
Amazing presentation by the IKEA team
With @10tubes + @mlleb + Enrica Rocca
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