vendredi 21 août 2015

BACK 2 SCHOOL : what to wear to feel great.

Hey guys !

The « back to school » time is coming soon and everyone likes to be on top for the homecoming. 

As far as I can remember – because I finished school a few years ago – I always wanted to wear nice and NEW clothes to try to impress my new school mates. But I also wanted to feel very comfortable during the day. Being fashionable but not to much, not to be stereotyped by the other ones. So, I always opted for a neutral outfit. When you decide to wear shoes as mine (Nike Air Force) that has a « urban/hip-hop » identity, don’t push too hard your look on that way. It’s okay to wear sneakers as a woman but accessorize with great earrings and wear something more feminine.  I love mixing materials, colors and texture.

-          Don’t go too hard on the bling
-         Wear something that defines your personnality (people love to say « have you seen the girl with that amazing scarf in her hair ?? I need the same !)
-        Do the hairstyle that you love and feel comfortable the most. Don’t try something new on that big day
-        Don’t cosplay (lol)
-       Be openminded. It’s not necessary to hang out with people that have the same shoes as you. Diversity is great
-       Don’t be too fashion trendy but follow your fashion inner soul

Perfecto – H&M / Shirt – Asos Curve  / Pants – Uniqlo / Shoes -  Nike

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