jeudi 20 août 2015


If you hang out with us for more than a month, you'll soon realize how IKEA addicted we are. In fact, we have to confess we pretty much pay them a visit at least ten times a year (often more, we are not ashamed !) because not only we looove their products, but we're also really inspired by the brand and successful business. Summy even worked on the sales floor as a summer job (and couldn't decide the best aspect of it : living in IKEA's world for eight hours a day or the iconic uniform). If you know us, you'll guess how we reacted when we were invited to this event : with lots of never ending squeals !

Along with other swiss bloggers, we were welcomed into a huge studio (#studiogoals) in Zürich where the IKEA world just seemed to have popped up. We learned a lot about their design process, their new collections, but mainly about the Life@home survey they researched. And yes, the results were that people just really enjoy the art of cooking, hosting, organizing and eating ! With the help of the numbers, IKEA is focusing on how they can help us creating a space we feel inspired by, that will be practical and welcoming for our family and friends. We also really like their initiative to offer better and healthier food choices : they are now offering delicious #veggieballs, and lots of vegan or gluten-free meals. Cool fact : they reduced by 50% less calories in of their drinks (and offer now some really tasting nordic waters) but they are also bringing the frozen yogurt in Switzerland ! <3

Then, we had the chance to meet and prepare the huge Swedish buffet meal with Italian chef Enrica Rocca. We used their delicious swedish salmon and fresh ingredients. The colors were amazing and we always love a rainbow plate ! Sorry for the bad audio quality in our video, we still hope our vlog will help you capture the vibe from the event :) We'll talk more in details about the new collections in an upcoming post, but you can spot some pieces on the pictures !

Thanks to IKEA, My Playground and all the staff for making this event possible ! You're the best :)
The amazing studio in Zürich
With @10tubes on the tram
Cork looks so sleek ! We are obsessed :)
Amazing presentation by the IKEA team
With @10tubes + @mlleb + Enrica Rocca
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