samedi 22 août 2015

Inspiration #17

OMG it's been since November that we haven't done a good old inspiration post. Today I'm feeling chatty, so let me introduce you to

As you might know from this post, I have a thing for orthopedic looking shoes... I have myself worn a few kind of ugly shoes, from the real medical orthopedic boot to Crocs sandals... One thing I have learned is that I just can't escape my destiny. My fav' ugly shoes I own are these pretty dope rosegold ones... And here are some ugly shoes and basic ones that I like :)
(clockwise, starting top left : Prada ; Isabel Marant ; Miss Selfridge ; Steve Madden ; Charlotte Russe)

During 2014, Aerie, American Eagle's underwear line decided to stop retouching their models and they got increasing sales. We love it ! Women are beautiful, no matter what size. Here's a detailed article about it :)

Also, Women's Running just put a curvy girl on their August cover and Twitter went craycray, because that's what we've all been waiting for. It shows a beautiful woman and that runners come in all shapes. Read more about it on Buzzfeed.

Still obsessed with dope pastel hair colors !

 Just fell in love with this Omakase by Cover Swim sushi one-piece !!!

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Nice sneakers :)
Maria V.