dimanche 2 août 2015

Video - July Favorites

Hello everyone !

Today we want to share a video of our July favorites ! We talked about lots of stuff from crazy lipstick colors to OITNB. We'll try and film more monthly favorites :) To stay up to date with our videos, make sure to subscribe to our channel here (it's the red Subscribe button on the right) !

Here is the stuff we loved in July :

- NIZZ Cosmetics lipstick, plus they have an amazing color range and affordable price tag !
- Elizabeth Arden's bronzer & illuminator, rich but muted colors, so easy to work with.
- Vichy's 3-in-1 micellar water, perfect for sensitive skins :)
- Simple's Kind to Skin + Gradual Moisturizer, the most subtle face-"graduating"-cream ever !
- Marble Vans sneakers from www.titolo.ch, dope and fabulous ;) #sneakersaddict
- M by Mosquito sunglasses, great price, great quality, in love with them <3
- Hema's daily planner, awesome design & price
- Instax Mini8, films are pretty expensive but it's worth great memories captured :)
- Fav' app is Snapchat, find us at autumnazur & summybaby21
- Fav' TV Show was Orange Is The New Black season 3 on Netflix. Seriously... White ink tattoo ? Cool acting classes ? Late afternoon swim in the lake ? Ruby Rose ? Hello ? Anyway, you had us at flavor packets.
- A dope channel to follow on Youtube is Good Monique because they are hilarious.
- In need of a book ? Try out Les quatre saisons de l'été, by Gregoire Delacourt, because it's so darn special.

What have you been loving during July ?

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