mardi 29 septembre 2015

The #ProFiberCH by L'Oréal Professionnel experience

We were so lucky to be invited by Coolbrandz to try the new ProFiberCH experience and we totally fell in love with the treatment, so it's only natural for us to share our experience here with you !

If your hair is damaged (dyes, bleach, sun, pollution), the ProFiber treatment will be a true revolution for you because it was created to repare your hair with a long term vision : first, in the salon, your hairdresser will give you your diagnostic and first shampoo with the range that fits perfectly with your needs and routine. Then they will apply their magic tricks, the concentrate which will work on cuticule and cortex and the long lasting care cream activator with Aptyl 100 inside, which will not be removed during your next shampoo ! Then, they apply a rince-free serum that nourishes the hair :) Finally, at home, you'll have to keep reactivating the benefits with the Recharge Aptyl 100 every 4 shampoo. It's really magical and will totally change your hair's life ;-)

Summy's ProFiber experience : I went to the Intercoiffure Kaiser in Bienne and found out my diagnostic with my hairdresser : even though I had two grey triangles (one because I dye my hair brown or black, and one because I use hot styling tools such as a straightener), we decided to go with the Restore products : my hair wasn't as damaged as if I had bleached it. As I only use hair mask once in a while, I was adviced to stick to conditioner only so I don't overwhelm my hair with too many products.
I was really grateful to learn many things about my hair, the best example being that I dye my hair dark colors, every two months at least (just to color my white hair !), but I am so wrong dying all my hair, as the lenghts don't need as much dye as the roots, so it results in my hair being flat and looking tired, as it is deshydrated and already too loaded to have life... So I will change my routine and dye it less, and only on the roots, leaving at least five to seven months before dying all my hair again !
My hair is already more shiny and healthy, and then the hairdresser added a few pshits of leave-in serum which I adore because the texture is more water than oil, moisturizing and nourishing the hair still.

Autumn's ProFiber experience : I had the chance to be welcomed by Régine at Living R hairdresser in Bussigny. Régine explained me the process through a video on youtube and then we made my diagnosis with the help of the little guide. As I bleach my hair a lot and straighten them once a week, they were really damaged. So, the purpose was to reconstruct them.

Régine made me touch my hair a certain way to feel that they are damaged. It is a good gesture to compare between before and after the treatment. I felt they were broken at the end and kinda dry on the lenghts. Then, I went to the shampoo tub to receive the treatment. First of all, I had a shampoo, twice. Yes, twice. I learned that you always have to shampoo your hair twice because the first time, it removes just a little bit the dirt and the second one clears it all and make your hair shine. After this, Régine applied the little purple tube on my hair, lay it down for a few minutes, rinse, and at last put that creamy vanilla texture for around 7 minutes.

 I can feel with the same gesture again, that my hair has completely changed in a better way. I will repeat the process at home. By now, you really have to take an appointment to do the same ahah !
We are currently using the whole range at home, so stay tuned for our tutorial, because it's really easy for amazing results !

dimanche 27 septembre 2015

Halloween make up tutorial: Deer baby Bambi

Hey guys !

As Halloween is coming soon, I made a tutorial about a deer make-up. Hope you will enjoy it :)

Show me yours ! And stay tuned, there will be more tutorials coming !!

The Weekend

I just love to enjoy the weekend mostly wearing casual outfits. Here I'm playing with grey : the hat comes from Primark, it's an absolute favorite ! Top and jacket are also from Primark and I just really like how the cardigan is comfy and looks vintage :) Also wearing silver jewelry from Primark, Anna Field sneakers and LH by La Halle baby pink bag. Stickers nail art are from Essence ;)

What do you enjoy to wear on the weekend ? :)

jeudi 24 septembre 2015

Way cooler

Hey guys !

As a plus-size girl, we’ve always been told not to wear stripes, no matter which way they’re going. You know what ? I don’t give a damn F*** ! 

I spotted this set, while our roadtrip to Lyon, at Zara and immediately fell in love with it. 

Which prohibition do you like to counteract about fashion ?

Crop top – Zara / Skirt – Zara / Jacket – Primark / Wedges – La Halle / Vintage bag - Chanel