mercredi 23 septembre 2015

Stay weird

As you might know, I'm a fan of customizing stuff so when I saw that New Look sold stickers made to design a bag, I couldn't resist ! You can check out the really easy DIY video in this post :)

It's best to use a leather, or fake-leather bag as your canva so the stickers won't come off too easily. Also, I think you can use regular stickers, just make sure they're made with plastic (not paper!) so the quality can be really good. I reaaally love these stickers because they are matt with cool pastel colors, they go perfectly with the bag ! I can't wait to wear it again and obviously my favorite sticker is the "Stay weird" one... so don't forget to stay weird ;-)

Black vest - New Look / Grey jacket - New Yorker / Striped tshirt and sunglasses - H&M / Jeans - MS Mode /
Tweed slippers - Primark / Silver bangle and pink bag - La Halle

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