samedi 3 octobre 2015

Grand Marnier Limited Edition Launch Party

This week, we went to the Grand Marnier Limited Edition launch party in Casino de Montbenon, in Lausanne, where we were kindly invited by Virginie and the Grand Marnier team to discover their new bottle !

We absolutely loved the venue, at the bar obviously to celebrate the famous café parisien :) Grand Marnier (cognac mixed with orange liquor) was invented in 1880, at a time when artists and creative gathered in Paris to exchange about art and life. We felt so inspired by the story and the venue, awesome choice ! Since 2003, Grand Marnier releases a limited edition bottle created by an artist and this year, the bottle just looks grandiose with its amazing shiny red laquer and café parisien golden details !

Laurent Moreno, gastronomy chef for Grand Marnier introduced us to the preparation of Mont-Blanc dessert which is simply delicious, and then we worked on the Daisy Side Car with mixologist Anthony Bannier. We will share the recipes very soon and you'll see how easy they are !

All pictures are by Christian Yuki Vionnet Photography.

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