samedi 31 octobre 2015


I'm back with a new fall outfit, featuring fall colors I'm obsessed about. I just really adore my Soft Grey jacket that is a must-have in my wardrobe. I love its statement pattern which instantly sets the autumn tone-s (pun intended). I'm a fan of its amazingly soft fake fur collar, I think they work even better than scarf to protect your neck from the cold (and there are even fake fur snood which are awesome).

Underneath the jacket I'm wearing a black knitted sweater from Primark, worn with my New Yorker burgundy leggings. The green satchel (love its vintage design and retro pattern lining) also comes from Primark, as well as this fabulous 3D triangle necklace. My earrings are a gift from my mom and I was in the market for this type of pieces. Oh, and another addition to my sneakers family, here's a new pair available on Zalando, they just look like your classic white sneakers and they are really comfortable. They come from Even&Odd and are really cheap for the quality. They also have many purse-friendly cool clothing items so check it out ;)

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