mercredi 14 octobre 2015

#ProFiberCH by L'Oréal Professionnel at home !

Autumn's review: The process is really easy to do by your own at home. First, apply the shampoo - twice - and rinse. Then, on the length, use the re-charge, massage your hair a little bit and let during 5 to 10 minutes and rinse again. With the RECONSTRUCT range, I put the cream and dried my hair. I'm 80% convinced by the process. Okay there's still 20% and you want to know why ! Let me explain myself. As I have curly/wavy hair, I don't think it's the perfection hair care combination because it's kinda too heavy for my hair if I let it curl naturally. So, I recommend to straighten your hair if you want to have that OH-SO-FABOLOUS result with shiny-smoothy-sweety hair. I can feel right after the treatment that my hair is a lot better. The shampoo's fragrance is pretty cool and smells nice but I don't like when it smells that much and for a long time. Yeah, I know, I'm strange because everyone likes when the perfume smells for days LOL !

Summy's review: I was really looking forward trying out the whole routine at home, and I love it so much ! My Restore range is amazing, I love how my hair is smooth and silky for days, even better when using the Recharge with Aptyl 100 and which reactivates the products' benefits... And really it's not too much, I don't think there are too many products (you're using shampoo + conditioner or mask and at every 4 shampoo, you swap your conditioner/mask for the Recharge) and I only added one product to my hair routine and it's the leave-in serum, which is the most prefect one I think because of it's texture that's not oil but more water-y... It really changed my life and I can really feel my hair nourished by the products. It's not always easy to apply the Recharge like the pros, but it's still good if you apply it by hand on your hair (starting 5 cm after the roots because you really don't want to overwhelm your roots ;-).

Overall it's a very good range of products to inject some health to tired, flat-looking hair, and really easy to reproduce at home to maintain the products' benefits !

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