lundi 30 novembre 2015

Beauty Talk #5

Starting off this beauty talk with this wonderful neutral palette from Benefit. It's my first product from this brand and I am not disappointed. Obviously I'm a big fan of the quirky packaging and really fond of all the great neutral colors. You get four shiny eyeshadows and two cream eyeshadows and it also comes with a little mirror and tips and tricks ! Crushing over this :) Thanks Nay for the gift <3
Big fans of Catrice lip products so here are two great items : the Pure Shine lip balm in shade 080 Sheers! because it really moisturizes the lips and leaves a very natural color. Also loving the Velvet Matt lip color from a 2014 limited edition collection. Its texture is really soft and the long-lasting formula is the show-stopper in this product because you don't need to re-apply during the day ! Love it !
 Three products that are really good and really cheap : the Catrice Multi Style Matt eyeliner which is simply the bomb (perfect intense black tone, great felted tip, doesn't smudge...), the Essence Happy Girls Are Pretty contour set with two shadows to highlight and contour the face and this kit is great if you want to start contouring because it's pretty light and gives you a very natural finish ! Finally, the Catrice Prime and Fine anti-red base is awesome to conceal red skin and balance your skin tones. Remember you don't always have to spend crazy amounts of money for beauty and make-up products ! High-street brands are full of surprises ;)
Those two products are still some favorites : the Maybelline Super Stay Forever Strong 7 days in shade 615 Mint For Life, a gorgeous pastel mint color with a really good long-lasting formula. The, we have the Daisy Eau de Parfum by Marc Jacobs which has a really fresh floral scent, and the bottle is just too cute !

vendredi 27 novembre 2015


Hey guys !

What do you think about coats without sleeves. A bit strange for the season isn’t it ? But I gotta admit that I immediately fell for this one ! 

This is a whole outfit from New Look except the clutch (direct links below). And, above all, can you applause that dress that has a vintage look. I’m pretty sure my grandma had the same, with the little belt that accentuate the waist. Oh, and the shoes !!! I paired the look with only one colour, those burgundy wedges are perfect to walk with !  

Coat - New Look / Dress - New Look / Wedges - New Look / Clutch - Primark

mercredi 25 novembre 2015


Blogger  :
  • a person that posts comments, opinions and photos on their website, known as a blog
  • my ideal career
I've wanted to wear this blogger tshirt on the blog for a while... It's a simple black tee that Autumn got me from Primark and it has a golden frame and a blogger's definition. I always fall in love with a cool catchy-phrase tshirt. I think I managed to dress it up a bit (when I usually wear it casual style) pairing it with washed out grey jeans from MS Mode, Primark grey fluffy coat and K by Kookai cut-out boots (these are my new favorite booties, they go with everything !). I'm also wearing my R Edition black suede clutch styled with a burgundy fake fur pompom from Primark.

mardi 24 novembre 2015

I'll catch a grenade for ya.

Hey guys !!

Let me tell you the first time I fell in love with this god damn fruit ! When I was a little girl, like 8-10 years old, we spent a lot of time in Marocco, discovering people and landscape. I asked my mother, at a souk, to buy me a special fruit. It was a grenade. I immediately loved this special thing but unfortunately, didn't find it in Switzerland back then.

I used to buy grenade already ready to be eaten, in little boxes and - of course - it cost like a million bucks LOL ! So, I encourage you to buy the entire fruit and will give you a few advices how to eat it.

First, cut it in the middle, push on the skin to pop off the seeds. If it's too difficult, cut it in quarter and repeat.

Of course, grenade is extremely good by itself or in yogurt. But I like to take it to the next level. You can eat it in a salty dish or with something sweet. Here are the recipes.

Grenad salad
- Romanian salad
- Mozzarella
- Red oignons
- Tajin spice (or something spicy)
- Olive oil
- Lemon
- Salt

Cut the salad, mozzarella, oignons and put it in a plate (or bowl) and top it with the grenade. Add the sauce made with olive oil/lemon and the Tajin spice. Salt as you like :) Buen provecho !

Pecan cupcake
- 100 g flour
- 60 g sugar
- 30 g butter
- 1 egg
- Bakery powder
- Pinch of salt
- Pecan nuts
- Maple syrup

Pre heat your oven on 200 degrees (celcius).

First, mix your egg and sugar. Add flour, melted butter, bakery powder, salt. Mingle until it's soft. Then, add pecan nuts and maple syrup. Put the mix in your cake mold and sprinkle with a little bit of brown sugar (if you want to make it crunchy). Cook in the oven for 20 minutes.

When it's cold, you can eat them like this or add icing sugar on it and sprinkle with grenade to give it some fresh taste and some crunchiness. 

Perfect with a tea at 4 o'clock right ?! :)

samedi 21 novembre 2015

Les tendances avec La Redoute - Pulls cosy

Depuis toujours, les pulls cosy sont synonymes d'hiver bien au chaud. Ils permettent de superposer les pièces, l'astuce majeure pour ne pas mourir de froid à l'extérieur ! Ce grand classique intemporel est un must-have pour tous les placards car il s'adapte à toutes les saisons (on adore aussi ressortir nos pulls confortables pour une fin de soirée d'été un peu fraîche). On adore la sélection proposée par La Redoute avec plus de 500 pièces pour tous les goûts !

Il existe bien sûr des quantités incroyables de styles de pulls, ainsi que des tonnes de matières et d'imprimés. Pour l'hiver, on conseille de miser sur les pulls avec une partie plus longue à l'arrière afin de bien protéger le bas du dos des courants d'air. Pour un look chic et simple à porter, choisissez un pul avec un col bijoux pour être élégante sans prise de tête. De plus, rien ne sera plus simple que de mixer vos pulls au reste de votre garde-robe : avec un jean, une jupe, avec un short et des collants, ou encore par-dessus une robe pour un look cosy & smart !

Summy porte un pull à rayures de la gamme Prix Mini, agrémenté de boutons argentés sur l'épaule avec un manteau jaune Mademoiselle R. La pochette vient de la collection R Edition (elle peut aussi se porter en sac bandoulière) et les sandales à talons de la ligne Prix Mini. Leur design est super chic et élégant et on adore cette jolie teinte nude qui s'allie avec toutes les couleurs.

Autumn a choisi un pull gris en maill Soft Grey qu'elle porte avec un trench fluide beige de la marque R Essentiel dont on aime beaucoup la coupe loose sans chichi. On adore aussi les baskets blanches de la marque Soft Grey avec leur petit détail pailleté à l'arrière. Le joli petit sac à main effet boîte de la collection Mademoiselle R (aussi disponible en bordeaux) avec ses parties métalliques dorées se marient très bien avec l'ensemble du look... Comme quoi, ce n'est pas parce qu'on porte du gris qu'on doit automatiquement choisir des bijoux argentés ;)

On espère vous avoir inspiré avec nos looks et nos pulls cosy et on se donne rendez-vous très vite pour la prochaine tendance présentée avec La Redoute !