dimanche 15 novembre 2015

25h Hotel in Zurich

 Last weekend, we stayed at the 25h hotel in Zurich and it was a wonderful experience. We love this hotel's vibe and modernity. Everything is made to give you a perfect stay (superpower wifi, iMac to borrow, Freitag bag in each room for you to use, many city guides and culture books, spa and fitness, bikes and Minis to borrow...). It's really nice when hotels want to make you feel at home and 25h hotel does an awesome job with the warm decor (quirky quotes, lovely materials, soft blanket...).

We totally loved the room (and the pink bathroom !) and were so pleased with the breakfast (served until 2pm on Saturdays) because they have a great selection of healthy drinks (detox water, fruit juices) and amazingly tasty food. We especially liked the little soft ice cups used to serve jam, honey or chocolate spread).

There's also a kiosk where you can buy books, Freitag bags, pillow cases that you can see around the hotel. We love this kind of things so much so we would totally recommend to stay there because it's a really fun place full of life !

Thanks to Eileen at Coolbrandz for making it possible for us to discover this wonderful place <3

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