vendredi 6 novembre 2015

About blogging

Today, I want to share my vision about blogging.
There are many, many types of bloggers and there are even more types of readers. I'm a reader myself and I reckon I love everything visual (big, beautiful quality pictures) but I am also looking for something to read. The longer the better. As a reader, I'm just really interested to enter all the crazy cool worlds each blogger has, to discover who they are through their content. The blogs I don't like, I simply don't read, there's nothing personal, it's a simple matter of taste. I just love thinking about the readership. I love to read the comments on my favorite posts and see other people think just like me about the subject, or they have another point of view that I didn't even think about. The readers, they bring so much to this game.

Now about this blogging thing. Since I speak to you as a blogger, I think I should address it eventually. As it's such a niche-activity, yes, blogging can be a competition. It's alright, it's business, so let's just play fair. I think bloggers, as an emerging new job field, should really work hard and do things seriously so people in the "industry" can understand we can do the job. People just shouldn't do shit. Bloggers should stand up and be dead serious about their business. It just makes us mad when we see bloggers just taking their times, not delivering. And it's the same for the brands. About the brands, they still have much, much to learn, but it's really great to see some of them take the leap and work with bloggers. They also need to understand that bloggers not only produce a type of work close to journalism (I think it's the 3.0 version of gonzo journalism) so they have to value this content we're creating each day.

We are happy to work with brands if we have a crush on their products or services, but it's also kind of scary to see their lack of communication, which is pretty surprising since we're often in relation with the marketing, PR or communication department of a brand. They should know you can never communicate too much. They should know better than to assume instead of asking real, sincere questions. Really, sometimes it's hard. Maybe that's because we were raised learning to always question the stuff we do and that actions are better than words (but you have to stand up with your words, discussing about it and doing your best to embody your words).

Recently we talked with readers saying it's sad to see all the bloggers promote exactly the same thing. It's true and we're as guilty as the next blogger. We have no problem about producing sponsored content, as long as it fits to our blog's identity. We're not interested in doing Instagram paid-posts about a 50$ detox-tea because this kind of partnership isn't our thing (and 50$ for tea isn't in our budget). We much prefer to write, shoot and create a genuine content. But yes, sometimes we find ourselves doing exactly the same promotions as our blogger friends. In Switzerland, it's still really really hard to get to the collaboration level and there are not as many brands doing it as in many other countries. Since we love to create and put our soul and passions into things, of course we will want to try out this revolutionary hair treatment or foodie experiences. We are really thankful for those opportunities, but we are still saying no to the ones that don't feel right.

Now I want to talk about three issues :
  1. RewardStyle - I hate everything about this shit. I think I've already addressed this but in a few words : on our blog, we'll just give you good deals links for free, we want to share and not be a part of this
  2. Essena - Yes, I think she is doing the right thing (first, for herself) against a picture-perfect world (but still, she still looks picture-perfect). The thing is, she was responsible for doing what she did. You can choose not to Photoshop your picture on 20 apps before posting it. You can choose that today, tonight, you're in control of your own life and you can enjoy it for real if you choose to. By choosing not to be in control (even though she thought she was in control) and doing these things she now condemns, I think Essena participated in society wanting to have this kind of picture-perfect life. Seriously, it is hard, but you have to love yourself for who you are. You are who you are and you are the most beautiful you.  
  3. Self-esteem, self-respect and self-love - It's a fact, human beings tend to see the grass greener in everyone else's garden. We usually see nothing but our flaws, our spots, our hair. It's hard, to see something good enough. But you're the one who has to try. It's not easy, I agree, but you can totally respect yourself without having an amazing self-esteem. One can go without the others, at least there's something. There's always something great about each and every one of us. We always need to be more beautiful, maybe because society told us, and maybe because we let ourselves believe it. I was looking in the mirror the other day, just thinking how much I looked like everyone else. Brown eyes, a pale skin that isn't that great, two ears, one mouth.  In our diversity, we are just the same. And we are nice people. Just accept that and love yourself. Don't bring yourself down with bad thoughts because if other people want to waste time gossiping about this, they can just waste their time, but don't be the one feeding the negativity.
Otherwise, the blogging world is cool because you can make new friends, always learn new things and meet awesome, inspiring people. No matter what your blog's topic is. You can have readers and create a community and you can use your voice. If you want, you can educate (and omg they are some really good blogs!). Maybe you can find yourself, or find yourself a place to stop hiding and just be you for a second. To new bloggers, my advice would be to just get out there and... dare. Don't let the fear of not being good enough stop you from doing what motivates you. Yes, it probably will be a little messy at first, but there are many readers who won't mind. And always remember it's just a blog, for Christ's sake.

It's just a blog. It's "just" a piece of you you decide to put online. You can decide not to, if that's not for you. I have this understanding that it's, after all, just a blog, but I still wish more people were aware that it's not shallow or just superficial. Just like fashion, which often get mocked, the blogging world is also still underrated. Just as playing video games or any kind of new jobs and passions you can create nowadays. I don't have any interest in video games but I guess people liking it and making a living out of it are carried by the same adrenaline as we are : the amazing feeling of doing what you love and giving 100% of yourself to try and be the best. Why should there always be two sides : fashion or intelligent. No, I'm sorry but fashion is intelligent. And it's so smart sometimes it has to be stupid not to fall on the verge of boring. It's not just two sides, it's all mixed up. Anything you want to make relevant in your life can be with a little effort.

Finally, I just think the world today is beautiful. Yes, there are crimes and bullying and stuff that we shouldn't allow, but there's also so many great things, here and now. We're never been so close to our feelings, our generation simply analyze because we have so many tools to do that. It's not easier to understand and accept our feelings, but at least, we can discover why we are like that. We've never been able to communicate this easily, with our friends, with our peers, but also with people we've never met. Imagine how easy it is to discover the CEO or HR's email address at your dream-business and mail them, compared to when you just had to wait patiently two weeks to get an administrative answer. We've never been able to share our stories, and make other people cry, smile, laugh, feel understood. We've never been able to love this far, to the moon and back, literally*.

*Because who knows ? I'm pretty sure scientists have wifi on the moon (or another kind of dark Internet).

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Nay a dit…

I never comment. Now I had to.

Because, Summy, you just got it all right and all stuffed in one only blog post. Ah, you know I love your brain, but now I love it even more - it felt like reading a resume of one of many of the conversations we had together, and it felt good reading it.

It even convinced me to blog - yes, I'm still struggling with this shit (what's the point about it? there are days where sharing seems not enough as a reason to blog). But, oh well, it is so accurate that I had to comment :)

I love you girls, and please, keep on fighting for that way you took a few years ago with your blog. You're doing it just right. <3

Hands up :D and a ton of love <3