lundi 30 novembre 2015

Beauty Talk #5

Starting off this beauty talk with this wonderful neutral palette from Benefit. It's my first product from this brand and I am not disappointed. Obviously I'm a big fan of the quirky packaging and really fond of all the great neutral colors. You get four shiny eyeshadows and two cream eyeshadows and it also comes with a little mirror and tips and tricks ! Crushing over this :) Thanks Nay for the gift <3
Big fans of Catrice lip products so here are two great items : the Pure Shine lip balm in shade 080 Sheers! because it really moisturizes the lips and leaves a very natural color. Also loving the Velvet Matt lip color from a 2014 limited edition collection. Its texture is really soft and the long-lasting formula is the show-stopper in this product because you don't need to re-apply during the day ! Love it !
 Three products that are really good and really cheap : the Catrice Multi Style Matt eyeliner which is simply the bomb (perfect intense black tone, great felted tip, doesn't smudge...), the Essence Happy Girls Are Pretty contour set with two shadows to highlight and contour the face and this kit is great if you want to start contouring because it's pretty light and gives you a very natural finish ! Finally, the Catrice Prime and Fine anti-red base is awesome to conceal red skin and balance your skin tones. Remember you don't always have to spend crazy amounts of money for beauty and make-up products ! High-street brands are full of surprises ;)
Those two products are still some favorites : the Maybelline Super Stay Forever Strong 7 days in shade 615 Mint For Life, a gorgeous pastel mint color with a really good long-lasting formula. The, we have the Daisy Eau de Parfum by Marc Jacobs which has a really fresh floral scent, and the bottle is just too cute !

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And oh! I just love these Marc Jacobs perfume bottles :)