mercredi 25 novembre 2015


Blogger  :
  • a person that posts comments, opinions and photos on their website, known as a blog
  • my ideal career
I've wanted to wear this blogger tshirt on the blog for a while... It's a simple black tee that Autumn got me from Primark and it has a golden frame and a blogger's definition. I always fall in love with a cool catchy-phrase tshirt. I think I managed to dress it up a bit (when I usually wear it casual style) pairing it with washed out grey jeans from MS Mode, Primark grey fluffy coat and K by Kookai cut-out boots (these are my new favorite booties, they go with everything !). I'm also wearing my R Edition black suede clutch styled with a burgundy fake fur pompom from Primark.

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deltreylicious a dit…

Joli manteau !