samedi 14 novembre 2015

#NespressoGourmet Weeks - Taggenberg Restaurant

Another evening enjoying the #NespressoGourmet Weeks, this time at Restaurant Taggenberg near Winterthur where chef Jens Nather prepared us some delicious foods. It was really interesting to see another chef's creativity inspired by Nespresso's Grands Crus.

Thanks to Nespresso and Coolbrandz for inviting us to this awesome experience !
 The kitchen
 Amazing beef meat for starters...
 This was really awesome : tasty scampi with cauliflower and a coffee syrup made
with Espresso Origin Brazil by Nespresso.
 Pumpkin soup with praliné.
 Another day, another deer meal. It's so good it must be a sin ! It went so well with the
mashed celeri and we loved the little crunchy nuts.
 This was an experience because we're not really into any type of blue cheese, but obviously we wanted to try the
Jersey Blue (made specifically with Jersey cows' milk) and were even more interested when we learned we would
try it as an ice-cream ! It was served on a small piece of dry fruits bread so the mix was kinda sweet.
The texture was really the show here but sadly, it wasn't our favorite. Still, we think it's a genius way to serve
this kind of cheese and that blue cheese amateurs would totally lose their mind with this.
We loved how surprising it was :)
For dessert, we enjoyed a few chocolate variations with rasberry and the ultimate
Lungo Decaffeinato by Nespresso ice-cream.

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