lundi 2 novembre 2015

Sisters Movies

Today we are sharing five of our favorite sisters movies. We won't explain too much of the plot and mainly
talk about why we love them, but you can trust us, they are worth a watch !

1. To Grandmother's House We Go - A great classic with the Olsen twins at their best time (seriously the stylism really epitomizes the 80's). We loved the story of Sarah and Julie (first time in our lives we asked people to call us another name...) just working their things until they finally end up at Grandma's just in time for Christmas (and Grandma didn't know they were coming but she still had biscuits and hot chocolate ready for them !). Yes, many spoilers here, sorry ! ;)
2. A League Of Their Own - Three words : bad-ass women. You should watch it if you want a powerful story about sisters and just incredible women in general. Also, it teaches you to say fuck it and do what you want.
3. Practical Magic - Give us sisters and give us magic, and there you have it : one of the best movies ever. It's all about love and families of sisters, and everything you would do to protect your sister. And you learn how to make a magic spell to attract the perfect man, so it's always a plus. Oh and Sandra Bullock + Nicole Kidman = chills.
4. The Parent Trap - Another classic, with so many classic quotes (In your honor, a royal flush !), so many iconic scenes (the epic shake !) and also another movie where we got inspired to change our names into Annie and Ally. We were so obsessed that we created our own isolation table into a room in our own and pretend to punish ourselves and go there, sit and eat crepes (in matching costumes of course!). Also the movie that revealed Lindsay and totally fucked our minds up with the funky double character.
5. The Banger Sisters - Sisters also can be reunited by friendship. Sometimes you find a sister in another woman, or even yourself. It's a movie about the essence of the meaning of being sisters. It's also a movie featuring two not-30-years-old actresses. And Goldie and Susan are perfect.

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