jeudi 10 décembre 2015

Cocktail recipes: Electrik Absolut

Hello guys !

We had the great pleasure to be asked to produce a cool festive drink for the launch of Absolut's limited edition Absolut Electrik. This edition features two bottles in silver and blue metallic shades, so it was obvious we would fell in love. Also, look at this awesome Absolut mason jar, our cocktail dreams come true !

We wanted to create a fresh, light drink for the winter time and we really wanted to avoid fruit juices because of the tropical vibe you instantly get with these... So we went for sparkling water, lime, basil leaves and obviously some Absolut vodka ! As you can see in the video, we don't have any quantities to provide because we did as we also do at home : approximately. Of course, remember to always drink responsibly and you can always adapt your cocktail if you want a more intense drink ;)

Big thanks to Elitia Agency (Sandro & Mélina) :) !

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