mercredi 2 décembre 2015

Hey it's ok...

... if you'd choose a retro ice lolly over fancy gelato any day. Nothing beats a Twister
... to refuse to look at yourself in the mirror of an airplane loo. How do they manage to make the lighting so hideous ?
... if you're guilty of hashtagging #every #word #of #your #instagram #caption
... to wish the government would implement a Spanish-style afternoon siesta
... if you've ever absentmindedly said "I love you" at the end of a phone call with a total stranger
... to be annoyed by restaurants with a no-reservation policy. Queuing for 45 minutes isn't our idea of fun
... if sometimes, you ideal plus one is your best mate, not your boyfriend
... to freak the hell out when you open your inbox the first day back from holiday. 782 unread emails ? Kill me now
... if wearing white = instant spill
... to just drink normal standard tea, not some super duper antioxidant magic tea from space
... if your hair always decides to look amazing the day you're due a cut

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