dimanche 31 janvier 2016

5 holy grail beauty products

Today we are sharing a selection of our all-time favorite beauty products, the kind of products that became our holy grail in term of skincare, makeup and beauty. Share with us some of your holy grail products so we can try them out ! ;)
The Garnier micellar water is amazing : a really small price, removes your makeup, cleans your skin and soothes it at the same time whilst hydrating it... What more to ask ? Seriously, we are obsessed with micellar water, there's really nothing better to remove your makeup gently !
If you're on the market for a dry shampoo, you have to try out the Batiste ones : already a legendary product, the Batiste dry shampoo comes in all sizes and scents, as well as new ranges specifically for colored-hair or for styling your hair with hot tools. We always really like to test out some of their new products, but for a good dry shampoo that simply does the job, we're sticking with the more all-day-everyday scents.
The Lip Lava liquid lipstick range by I ❤ MAKEUP is a very recent discovery but we're already obsessed with it : really easy to use packaging, amazing colors and staying power, enriched with vitamin E so it moisturizes your lips... The only thing we still need ? More colors !!!
Obviously, we couldn't forget to put Sunkissed moisture cream from Simple's Kind to Skin + range ! It has no artificial stuff in it, and great ingredients for the skin, and this Sunkissed one makes your face tan gradually, in a very natural way !
Still loving our Chanel Les 4 Ombres eyeshadows palette. We love their great pigmentation and texture and that you can use them dry, or wet, for more impact ! Obviously not drugstore price but a great investment palette for your makeup collection.

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