jeudi 7 janvier 2016

5 tips to boost your productivity

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Today we wanted to share 5 tips to boost your productivity because we all know it's sometimes really hard to keep your eyes on the main prize and just waste time doing nothing... Tell us in the comments what's your best advice productivity-wise !
  1. Make lists : if you want to be productive, you first have to be organized. Writing down lists of things to do is the best way to memorize your tasks and plan them for your whole week and days. It feels amazing to cross off stuff from your lists but remember it's also important for your productivity to be aware and realize the things you actually achieved, so we advice to also write a list of things done :) 
  2. Make yourself at home : when you want to work well, you need to feel good in your environment, so your desk needs to be clean, or at least organized, to let you work with a peaceful mind. Also, if you tend to get bored of admin activity, try to find cute and fun stationery and office supplies so your brain gets excited ! Life is short, just get those pastel cat paper clips.
  3. Stay hydrated : you know it ; your brain is really a warrior and it needs water to function. Eight glasses a day, or more if you feel like it. Also remember that dehydration really does come quickly and is the cause of many symptoms (fatigue, migraines, sleepiness, nausea, etc), so if you're starting to feel a bit weird, try to think about drinking a glass of water, it can be just what you need !
  4. Stay inspired : go out ! If you're able to sneak out of your office, even for five minutes, take the opportunity to regain energy. Maybe you need an inspiration and a boost to think of way of working more efficiently. 
  5. Stay focused : know what you need to achieve and prioritize your chores. When done, try to work on one thing at a time and remove all distractions so your brain can perform amazingly on your current activity. Multitasking isn't always the way to go.

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