mardi 12 janvier 2016


Winter is definitely here, and with that, low temperatures... It's really the perfect time for layering and finding great items that will keep you warm. I'm in love with this kind of navy plaid-coat from Primark, with its cool print, huge pockets and soft fabric, which despite the coat not having buttons or a zip, is the most awesome outerwear. I love that it's a statement piece without being too much in your eye ;)

You can't really see it, but I'm wearing a light grey jacket from New Yorker, with a tee from Primark. Black leggings, of course, and these are from Uniqlo and they are the x2 heat-up stuff that they sell and that is actually really working ! They are my favourites leggings ever :) White sneakers are from Zalando (Even&Odd), they are my go-to easy shoes... This scarf from La Halle is the bomb with such a soft fabric and perfect lenght.

Also, for the story, my bag, a brand-new from Primark (cool grey color and print texture, nice shape, I was pretty much in love) was used just a few days before taking these pictures, and the bag will rest in peace from that day on... The quality was great, for what I have used of it, but it got seriously damaged, due to my own inattention. I'm still sad for my bag, but at least I got these pictures to remember it ;-)

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