dimanche 17 janvier 2016

Schott NYC Flagship in Lausanne

On Thursday night, we were invited to the Schott NYC's flagship inauguration in Lausanne.
We knew the brand from a family friend obsessed with their Perfecto (because, yeah, the Perfecto is Schott's masterpiece and we all use the word far too much ;-) but we didn't know much more, so it was really amazing to be able to meet the Swiss and French/European team and hear their stories about the brand and their pieces of clothing. You can see pride in their eyes when they talk about Schott.

The store is quintessential NYC and the clothes are always reminding that now is really a good time to be a Rebel. We obviously love the original Perfecto created in 1928 and made famous in movies or worn by celebrities, but we also totally fall in love for their whole range, from the timeless designs that Schott provided for the US Army to the classical pieces like caban coats and bombers. 

Special mention for Schott's history of working on special collections with funky, original, emergent designers. Remember the Keith Haring Perfecto that Rihanna wore a few years ago ? Jeremy Scott for Schott (we want the same !). In the store, we had the chance to see three different collaborations : House of Holland, FFF and Les Artistes. As DIY lovers, we can't help but want all the pieces !

If you want to invest in a Perfecto, or find your perfect winter jacket, check out the new flagship store with its central location at Rue de l'Ale 26. Welcome in NYC ;-)

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