vendredi 8 janvier 2016

We Love: Chef Cuisine by Anne-Sophie Pic

 Hello guys !

A few weeks ago, I had the chance to try and taste at the delishes Chef Cuisine makes (thank you so much MyPlayground!).

What is Chef Cuisine ?
It is a bright/smart machine, created by Chef Anne-Sophie Pic and one of her friend, that cooks perfectly meats, soup and vegetables and offers you a taste of gastronomy without being to expensive. Every aliment is conditioned under vacuum and has a little ship on the packing. The machine reads the ship and knows exactly how long it needs to be cooked. There are 30 dishes available and explainations about how to dress in the plate. Every packing contains food for 2-3 persons, and if you make a little maths, you will see that the price isn't that expensive. The must: you don't need to stay next to the machine, it cooks the food by its own and ring when it's time to eat (just like a toaster ahah)!

Who will use Chef Cuisine ?
I think that when you have like 2-3 children at home, it's quite difficult to dish out the plates at the same time with Chef Cuisine (you can't cook 4 plates together). But it's quite perfect when you invite some of your friends and don't want to spend your whole time in the kitchen. Switch on Chef Cuisine and go in the living room, enjoy the moment with your lovable persons.
What did I eat ?
I was lucky enough to taste different dishes. 
Mise en bouche: Pumpkin soup with noix de St-Jacques
Starter: Boiled egg with curcuma and boletus sauce 
Main course: Sole, caramelized endive and crustacean sauce
Second course: Duckling with safran pear, ananas and pepper

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