samedi 27 février 2016

Happy in plaid

I can't remember if I ever worn this plaid shirt on the blog, but I've been obsessed with it since I got it last year at Primark. It's the perfect plaid print with cool college numbers printed on the back and I'm mostly in love with its thin and soft fabric. I always wear it with a really basic outfit, so I teamed up a black tshirt and leggings from H&M, Claires' necklace, my beloved grey hat from Primark, along with my Lancaster brown bag and La Halle camel suede boots and black coat. 

Do you also get crazy about a piece, that you wear way too much ? I tend to do this with shoes and it's so annoying because I find a comfy pair of shoes, wear it to death, want a change and try other shoes, and my feet just can't handle a new strange sole. Remember it's good for your feet and for your back to change shoes each day ! They don't really seem like it, but these shoes are seriously damaged so I always try to throw them away and find myself picking them up from my Textura bag... I know I'm hopeless... please tell me I'm not the only one ;-)

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