mercredi 10 février 2016

Hey, it's ok...

... to use your best handwriting in your fancy new notebook (for, ooh, about half a page)
... if you always get the chatty stranger on the bus
... to not want to share a dessert. You'll have a whole one. To yourself
... if your chopstick-usage abilities start and end at stabbing your food with them
... to view "you look cute" as an insult. Beautiful ? Sparkling ? Like Angelina Jolie's long-lost sister ? Those are compliments
... if the glass of wine you order in a restaurant seems tiny compared to the one you pour yourself at home
... if the word "networking" gives you the fear
... to set your out-of-office email response the day before your vacation starts
... if every time you switch handbags, you^re guaranteed to forget your work pass/keys/purse, every damn time
... to save funny Tweet ideas on your phone to use at a later date
... if you've just lost another pair of gloves !

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