mardi 1 mars 2016

5 tips to follow for an easy shopping experience

  • Always look for quality - In the long run, you should invest in key pieces that are versatile and lasting through the seasons.
  • When in doubt, buy a (T)shirt - Yup, tshirts and shirts can really make an outfit, you can dress them up and down to reflect your current style. They are timeless if you choose them made with quality fabrics.
  • Avoid trendy it-pieces - Don't fall for the mega-popular trends, they are too obvious if you're not careful. Get yourself a few patterned items that really go with your style and personality.
  • Neutral base - Create some kind of basic and timeless wardrobe with neutral pieces, paired with some accent colors that suit your complexion. They will be so easy to mix with statement pieces !
  • Think differently - When shopping, check out second-hand and vintage shops and try to remember there was a time when clothes were well-made and non-disposable. Try and make as many ecological decisions as you can, think fair trade and recycled materials.

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