jeudi 24 mars 2016


We recently received our order from Swiss online boutique eBeautyAndCare which sells asian (mainly koreean) make-up and skincare brands. We chose two masks (wash off and sleeping pack) from Etude House. The girl from the boutique kindly gifted us as pack of panda eye patches, we didn't try them yet but we can't wait since they are the true whole panda eyes ;) We also got some baking powder pore solutions, they are really cheap and seem to work so well ! They are also just perfect for traveling :) Then we absolutely wanted to try the Kiss Kiss Lovely Lip Patch from Tony Moly and we review them directly in the video, so check it out ! If you have frosty lips, just try this patch because it moisturizes and softens the lips really quickly and they smell sooo good ;-)

If you liked this video, give us a thumbs up or let your mark in the comments and we'll do more like this ! And if you have asian products to recommend, we're all ears <3

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